Saturday, July 18, 2015

My workouts are trying to kill me

In an effort to lose weight and fit into my clothes again (oh yeah and to be healthier too I suppose) I've taken up walking.  I know I got all excited thinking that I would have a walking buddy, but that hasn't quite gone as planned.  No worries though, she got me out there and got me moving.

Sadly, my workouts have been trying to kill me.  It's not like I'm walking through some forest populated with lions, tigers and flying monkeys. I'm also not aiming for any marathon distances.

I arrive at the park a little after 7 (cooler time of day and parking turns to free).  I park by the lake...but away from the ducks.  I turn on my little "Map my Walk" app and get started. The loop around is about 2 miles and I've been going at least 3 times a week.  T

On Monday, I was about halfway around when my shins started to hurt.  Like a lot.  I stopped and tried stretching...but realized that I wasn't stretching where it was hurting.  Took a few more steps, so much pain!  Being at the halfway point sucked, either way I still had a mile to go.  Summoning my inner high school gym teacher I walked it off.  Got home that night and read all about shin splints.

I Googled (as one does) and it told me that the cause of my pain was basically exercise (too much too fast).  I read that I should take it down a notch, get some rest and try something with lower impact.  The heck?!?!  It has taken me forever to get into some kind of routine and when I've finally found one that I've been sticking too (for like several consecutive weeks) and it causes me physical pain! So frustrating.

I made a plan to alter my course a bit and work back into my regular loop.  I found some helpful stretches and added a 30 day Ab Challenge to my workout.

Shortly after altering my course to help my shins I stumbled upon a new problem, quite literally.  On my way back to my car I fell in a hole. I hurt my knee and my elbow and my pride.  Lucky for me I was wearing my sunglasses and did not make any eye contact with anyone! I am now adding "watching where I'm going" to my list of things to make my workouts better.

Cheers to you and your legs that are like working as they should!

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