Monday, July 6, 2015

Cooking with Queens

You know who really knows how to do their makeup?  Drag Queens.  They all seem to have flawless skin always and as a person with skin myself I know that it is impossible to always have flawless skin. I myself go pretty natural on a day to day basis, and "cooking" your makeup is a simple trick for a natural flawless appearance. (It is on the time consuming side though).  I found this step-by-step from Beautylish helpful, but here are the basics:

Step 1: my case I've been using Physician's Formula CC Cream (about $15 at drugstores) as my go to for everything face this summer. Apply under eyes down toward your nose and out toward your temples.  I use my fingers for this step and a light touch.

Step 2: Leave it alone for a few minutes.  Time will vary based on the product you're using.  Some recommend leaving it to set or "cook" for 10 to 20 minutes...I think I wait about 5 myself.  This is the important step though, because you are letting the makeup warm to your skin before blending it in.  The "cooking" is changing the texture of the cream and allowing it to mix with your skins natural oils; it may even appear to change color slightly.

Step 3: Blend.  Some items I read said that their makeup had dried out by this point, but if your prep your skin with a moisturizer and/or a primer it would probably be just fine.  My CC cream held up just fine and I blended with a damp sponge.  

Ace DeVille, photo from Google

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