Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back to school...the education continues

This week I'm going back to school (International Dermal Institute style).  Taking the 3-day Technique course.  I'm at a strange point of my life where I'm still struggling with the whole "What should I be when I grow up?" 

Part of me totally wants to pursue being an Esthetician, but I know that that goes hand in hand with sales.  I just have never been confident in my salesperson skills.  I guess for me, I'm a look around shopper myself and don't particularly like having a sales associate checking in on me. 

The other part of me really enjoyed working in an elementary school.  I love working with will always have a good story to tell when kids get involved.  Add to that the fact that I don't have any kids of my own (and having them in my future is looking a bit bleak for the time being) I kind of miss the school environment.  Weekends and holidays off? Yes please.  

For now, while I'm in the gray area I'm taking a couple of classes at the Dermal Institute to brush up on some facial giving skills.  Also, I get to go to the student store and pick up some products...yay! (For info on Dermalogica/Dermal Institute/Continuing Education click here).

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