Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thai Massage round two Took myself for a massage as a post birthday treat.  Went back to Sukho Thai Healing Center in Glendora.  I really enjoy calling ahead to be at a place and having them say "see you in 10 minutes."  Hooray for semi-instant gratification! 

Lois was my therapist for this session and she twisted me up like a little pretzel.  I heard my back crack from positions I would not have thought possible, which is not something I would generally go for but I was okay with it.  Don't get me wrong I'm all for the the gentle ease of a Swedish style massage...but there is something about leaving from a Thai massage where your muscles and knots feel all wrung out of you.  It's relaxing, but also energizing....if those can be simultaneous.
Based of this little guide to benefits, I would have to agree.  This is not a regular massage with a lot of soothing strokes, you'll get some of that but there is a lot of twisting and pulling which is what I think is really helping with relieving tension.  It's almost like assisted Yoga in some positions, like a way to get deeper into the stretches.

I went for a Thai massage once before, see post  Oh my Thai for that experience. I liked my second visit a little more, maybe because I knew what I was getting myself into...but also because I really felt like my whole self more relaxed. 

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