Sunday, October 26, 2014

oh my thai...a massage experience

I've been working some crazy hours this month (as I do at the end of a quarter)...and decided to treat myself to a massage before month end.  I'd been looking into Thai massage and liked the idea of being stretched into relaxation.

I Yelped a bit, looking for a place with good reviews in my area. I was in luck, as there were a couple of places with rave reviews.  I opted for the Sukho Thai Healing Center in Glendora. I called as I was leaving work, hoping to snag an appointment that evening.  I was in luck and headed right over.  Drove right past it, thinking I knew exactly where they were.  Called them back, circled around, found their little place.  A very friendly older gentleman greeted me.

Being new to the Thai massage experince, I didn't completely know what to expect.  A petite little lady greeted me (I easily stood a foot taller).  She showed me to our small curtained off space and directed me to a box to place my clothes and left me to get to it.

I laid down in the very dark yet calming space.  My massage therapist came back and went to work.  She used oil, and had a very firm pressure.  It began as a pretty basic massage but with some added stretches here and there, I could feel her resting her weight on the back of my thighs which I think gave her better leverage on my back.  I turned over (face up) and she crossed one leg over the other and stood on the table to help stretch the back of my leg...with my leg up on her shoulder I realized very suddenly that I now had nothing covering my lower half. She half asked, half told me that I was okay...and then we repeated it with the other leg. Perhaps modesty is not my thing when my aim is to relax...but she didn't make me feel awkward for one second (maybe one..but not 5 seconds).

I really enjoyed the whole experience.  I also really like that we started off with a warm towel to give me a quick overall cleanse (I spent the whole day in flip flops, so it was super nice to have clean feet!), we finished off with another warm towel with a little essential oil to refresh the senses.  It's maybe a bit of a hole in the wall from the outside, but I would totally go again.

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