Wednesday, December 9, 2015

brushing up...a quick guide to dry body brushing

Brush your hair, brush your teeth, brush your skin.  Yeah, add another brushing to your to-do list. I picked up a brush off of Amazon for around five dollars a while back.  Even though I keep it in the bath room I consistently forget to use it.  When I do though, I totally notice the difference.  If I kept it up on a regular basis I would probably see even more benefits.  Mostly I notice the circulation and exfoliation.  Better to do the dry brushing before a morning shower as it really seems to wake you up and leave you a little tingly. needed: Just a body brush, stiff but still flexible. 
The basics: Starting at your feet brush upward in circular strokes (toward the heart).  Then hop in your shower.  See, it's just a quick little addition to your morning routine.  After your shower make sure to moisturize, it's ideal to do when your skin is damp and pores are open.  

Interested in learning a little more?  Here you go:

Cheers my friends and don't forget your SPF even though it's December! 

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