Sunday, December 27, 2015

Becoming an early morning exerciser...step one

I got on a Pinterest kick the other night and took multiple clicks all over the Internet world reading all about how to be motivated to get up early and workout.  Tips and tricks abounded to get up and about first thing in the AM.  

I went ahead and grabbed my gym bag...threw a towel in, considered what else to put in but planned on coming home to take a shower after so nothing else seemed essential. Tossed a gym outfit on top of it and got my shoes laid out.  Next up: alarm.  Set my alarm for 6 am and put it on top of the gym clothes so that I would need to physically get up to turn off the alarm.  I even added a note to the alarm of "Turn on a light" because some articles said that it would wake me up more.  

I went to bed all prepped for my morning workout.  When I woke up it was closer to 9 am...I hadn't actually turned on the alarm.  This was right before Christmas and I had wanted to get the last minute stuff done, so I just up and showered and got on with the day.  My stuff is still sitting there waiting to go.  

I'm going to start my week off fresh tomorrow.  So tomorrow begins my step two: actually going to the gym (early...aiming for 6:15ish).  I felt like maybe I should blog it out, just so I can be accountable.  Wish me luck!   

Step one in review: 

  1. Prep your gym stuff the night before (clothes, sports bra, socks, shoes, towel, and anything else you may need)
  2. Set your alarm (and turn it ON)
  3. Turn on a light when you first get up (supposed to help with like circadian rhythm or some such thing)

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