Thursday, December 31, 2015

Becoming an early morning exerciser...part two

The hardest part is over once you get out of the house...and I did it!  Yep that's right, I got to the gym just before 7am (I'm going to work on getting that to an earlier time, but you've got to start somewhere).  Monday-Tuesday at the gym, and Wednesday I tried out a yoga class at Ultimate Pilates in Glendora.  Thursday, I opted out but still got up early...but my muscles were super sore so I took a day of rest.  

The benefits of being an early riser/exerciser have yet to be determined on my part.  I have yet to notice a boost in energy or productivity.  While I do seem to make better food choices throughout the day I still struggle with the late night binge.  I'm going to keep it up though because I know it takes time to adjust.  Here are a couple of links to check out:

Now let me tell you about my yoga class.  I signed up online with the Mind Body app.  For me it's super beneficial that I book a class ahead of time.  If it's booked I have to be there.  Ultimate Pilates had a deal where you could purchase an unlimited week of classes for $25.  Yoga, Wednesday morning with Lucas was awesome.  There were a total of four students (so lots of individual attention and adjustments were available).  He was a fun yoga teacher too...picture a funny Disney Jungle Cruise operator but nice. The class ran 75 minutes and let me tell you I can feel the difference an extra 15 minutes makes.  My legs and thighs, arms and shoulders are very sore today (but it's that good sore...accomplished sore).  Next up is Booty Barre Flex and Flow (again love that I am already booked for a Saturday morning excuses).

Happy New Year to you, cheers to this being a great year for all of us! Have a safe and happy new year's eve and I'll see ya next year!

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