Friday, August 7, 2015

Old Hollywood reads

I love high school self would be shocked.  Perhaps because there is so much outside of the HS curriculum and so many different stories to tell.

I also love old movies.  Night clubs and big theatrical numbers.  Black and white (or color, I'm flexible).  Musicals, love them...especially if they throw in some tap dancing (now my elementary school summer self is shocked). these, I found some fun stories regarding Old Hollywood.  One is fiction, one non-fiction...something for everyone (everyone looking for books on a very particular subject).
Life at the Marmont and The Garden on Sunset.

 Life at the Marmont is a behind the scenes look at where many Hollywood stars stayed in the early days.  A little glamour, gossip and name a 1920s tabloid, easy summer reading and a fun look at the past.

Which leads me to The Garden on Sunset (part 1 of a series).  It's a fictional account of three people aspiring to make it in Hollywood amid celebrities and studio big shots.  Not the most well written book, but it was free on my Kindle.  Hops around a bit and ends rather abruptly (so you can go on to the next book).  Just OK, but I couldn't beat the price!

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