Sunday, August 23, 2015

BOSU, for me...and maybe for you??

I've seen those BOSU balls laying around the gym before.  I've even seen some women with rather enviable bodies gracefully planking using the BOSU.  I had never dared picked one up at the gym though...I'm not what one would call graceful or coordinated. did opt to try a class over at Equilibrium Fitness in La Verne.  The class sizes are small, so far between 4 to 6 and our teacher.  What I like about this class is that we do a bit of everything (legs, abs, arms) and work at a variety of paces.  I'm still at a place where I go a little slower so that I get the movements right (for the most part). It's kind of like a step class, meets a little kickboxing with some light yoga stretches included.  

Maura the instructor is super nice and welcoming and takes time throughout the class to check on everyone.  On my second visit we were balancing on the flat side of the BOSU and she actually came over an held my hands until I was up and balanced...twice. She came over and held my sweaty little hands, that's how nice she is.

It's a good workout, a get you sweaty and heart racing, leaving with wobbly legs kind of workout.  With a few more classes under my belt I may even feel coordinated enough to try it myself at the gym...during the off hours when not too many people can see me. 

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