Monday, September 14, 2015

Multi-masking on a Monday

It has been brought to my attention (whilst continuing my education in skin care) that my skin is dry. In an effort to boost my moisture content I'm giving myself a little masking session.
Korres "Beauty Shots"

I received this set as a gift (it's by Korres and was from Sephora...but it doesn't look like the set is available anymore; the individual masks are about $18/per 1.7oz) Click here for the Korres Nectarine mask at Sephora.  I'm currently using the Nectarine (Moisturizing) and Watermelon (Hydrating) masks.  The other two masks in this set are Cranberry (Lifting) and Grapefruit (Brightening)...but as I'm focusing on my dry skin these didn't really seem to blend into my treatment for tonight. That and if I were to layer all four of these I may begin to feel like a fruit cocktail.

My main areas of dryness are my cheeks and forehead (thank you to some skin analysis from my fellow post grad skin therapists). The minimum time is about 15 minutes for these (and most) masks. As I find myself watching reruns on TV and figure I'll be up for a while, my face will be here for a while.  To really up the "pro" factor I did apply these with a fan brush.

Ps: Nectarines are probably my favorite fruit...this mask is delightful.

Other masks I like:
Lush's Oatfix (keep it refrigerated) $6.95/2.1 oz: for dry skin (and people who like bananas)
Lush's BB Seaweed (also refrigerated) also $6.95/2.1 oz for most skin types and good for sensitive skin as it is soothing.
The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask $30.00/3.1 oz which you can totally sleep in...just try to start on your back so you don't rub too much off on a pillowcase, I myself happen to be a tosser and turner (see my previous entry on this gem here).

Any masks out there you want to throw into the mix?? Let me know!

Cheers to you and a happy week all!

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