Monday, September 7, 2015

Nighttime napping...or how I've been sleeping soundly

I've downloaded a couple of apps to my Kindle for bedtime recently and am kind of digging how well they work together.

Relax Melodies (free), upgrade with more sounds for $2.99.
Lose Weight Now Lite by Glenn (free version)

I turn the weight loss app on first then go to the melodies.  I get the voice guidance from Glenn who speaks for about a half hour and the melodies play in the background (I set the timer for 2 hours, but that's me).

I don't know that the weight loss app has really done much, but I will give it credit for getting me to sleep quickly.  I don't even think that I've ever actually listened to the whole thing becuase it knocks me out.  I do know there is some visualizing yourself at your best weight and making healthy choices.  It may be working I feel like I am taking a little more time to consider my choices and being more aware of what I've eaten throughout the day (without tracking and logging).
The melodies are nice, you can play with the mix of nature sounds and music and adjust the volumes individually and create your own little nighttime lullaby mix.  It's really kind of cool.  I've been satisfied with the free version.

If you are having trouble falling asleep, try starting one of these apps (or something like them) this week...tell me how you're feeling by Friday.  :)

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