Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Clean up your act...with brush cleaner

I am a sometimes slacker when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes.  I don't mean to be...BUT somehow it just doesn't pop up in my head on my to do list.  I did pick up a brush cleaner from E.L.F. (available at Target for $3).

I have to say that I used it this weekend, and I loved the light citrusy scent.  I could get used to it, it may even be enough to get me on a set brush cleaning sched.  You really can't beat the price either.  E.L.F. also has a brush shampoo (also 3 bucks) for your more stubborn brushes (the ones you use for foundation and creams).  I'll have to check that one out and get back to you.

My technique is super simple, brush cleaner and paper towels, rub ~gently~ until clean! I do however let them dry laying flat though.  When I do clean my brushes I do let them dry overnight, so obviously do your cleaning when you're in for the night...or you know you could get a Ryan Gosling.

How about you, do you keep your brushes super clean or do you need a reminder every now and then?

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