Tuesday, April 22, 2014

going with the flo

I've considered this purchase for a while and finally broke down and bought myself and Indo Board.  Although I've only ever been to surf camp once (forever ago) deep down I fancy myself a surfer at heart.  I love the idea of paddling out and waiting for that perfect moment where you paddle and pop up and gracefully guide across the ocean for a few delightful seconds.

I initially picked up the board with just the roller...based on the reviews the cushion was too easy and people quickly switched to the roller.  I on the other hand had the roller and quickly went and ordered the cushion.
I'm glad I did, it's more stable and I can actually balance (a little) on it. So far, I've only used it in five minute increments...but it's a start and at least I'm using my purchase.   

I'll update my progress on this.

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