Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pleased by Pilates

My weight is a little bit of an issue for me.  It felt like it came on all of a sudden a few years back (thank you 30s!) and I've been struggling with it ever since.  Not a big struggle mind you, I would rather go out to eat than go to the gym.

I've been enjoying taking the occasional Yoga Booty Ballet class at the Heartbeat House in Atwater Village. Luisa and Kristen's classes just leave me feeling good about myself both mentally and physically.  The only issue I have is the drive.  One evening recently it was pointed out that my drive took longer than the class. Womp womp.

In an effort to find a closer alternative (but by no means giving up on my YBB) I looked in Pilates.  Tucked away in a small lot in La Verne I found Equilibrium Fitness.  After a little phone tag with the trainers, I made an appointment with Becky and went in for my first training session last Friday.

It was AMAZING.  How have I not tried Pilates before this? It was slow and relaxing...but I worked muscles all over my person. I was just sore enough the next day, like a "hello muscle, where have you been hiding?" kind of sore.  Becky showed me how to breathe and made corrections throughout our one hour meeting.  She was super sweet and supportive. Once I am more comfortable around the equipment (it is a bit daunting) I will try out the group classes they offer.  I am so excited to see Becky again on Wednesday and even better I am finally looking forward to working out again.

I highly recommend checking out studios in your area.  I've noticed that a lot of places offer an introductory special.  If you've been looking to get in shape but dread going to the gym (sweaty treadmills and people hogging machines playing on their phones) a one on one or small group class may be the way to go.

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