Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pretty experience

The Pretty Kitty
One day I was driving and saw this sign...I wondered what kind of place it was,  and then promptly forgot about it.  Then a girl I was working with mentioned she had an appointment there.  "Oh! What do they do there?" I asked..."Brazilians." she replied.  

Sure enough, if you check the Pretty Kitty website they pride themselves on a 10-15 minute Brazillian and let's face it the less time a stranger spends down there with hot wax the better.  I've been there twice now (for both brow and bikini waxes) and have to say they do good work.

My first time there, we started with my brows...which I had not touched in a while (quite a while).  She pointed out that one was thinner than the other and that she'd like to have it more grown in before she shaped it.  Made total sense to me and she did some quick clean up on my brows.  Her bikini wax work was super fast (but not rushed)...didn't even have time to be uncomfortable while laying half naked on a table.  

This time the girl I had was newer (still mastering her timing) and although I didn't not time her the front desk did and gave me $10 off for keeping me over the 15 minute mark.  No complaints here.  She also did good work.

I find their prices reasonable and their service is great.  They have a bunch of locations (I go to the one in Chino Hills).  If you're curious about getting a Brazilian, I would recommend this place, just for the time on the table factor alone! 

Now that my bikini line is ready for summer maybe I should get the rest of me ready by hitting the gym.  Oh wait, the cookies are calling my name from the kitchen.

Cheers all!

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