Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fresh start February

Tomorrow is my first day of work at a new job.  I'm excited and that last night of summer before going back to school.

Leaving my last job was harder than I thought.  I'd made good friends there, and will miss seeing them everyday.  The job itself was easy to walk away from: extreme hours, two time cards, having to run personal errands for the boss...bye bye!

I have needed to upgrade my work wardrobe rather quickly...and come to realize that I really do need to drop some pounds.  It seems I can squeeze myself (tightly) into a 12...but then 14s are baggy.  It would also be nice to lengthen my legs by an inch, inch and half...luckily I have a tailor that I use for my inseams.  I always seem to need my tailor to alter the length of my pants (in pants Short is too short and Regular is too long).  I'm just all kinds of in-betweens.

I also used this Super Bowl weekend to get my nails done and am so happy to announce that a brand new place has opened up right by my house. Score! They are affordable and oh so clean.  They even have you sign off that the items they're using are sterile.  I went with a nice simple purple/gray shade.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly tomorrow! Wish me well.

Cheers all!!

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