Sunday, January 12, 2014

foundation factors

At Sephora today, my friend and I were perusing foundations.  I'm pretty evenly running out of 3 different BB creams and one Bobbi Brown foundation.

While I've been online and seen how many brands are cruelty free, it still feels like a very small collection once you are actually standing in the store streaking your hand with makeup.  We reviewed the list as we entered: Tarte, Urban Decay, and Too Faced...there are a few more brands (but it's not like they have blinking lights in the shape of a bunny beckoning you nice would that be?).

Not all brands that are cruelty free carry a bunny logo, so unless you know before you go or carry a list of animal friendly companies with you at all times, you may not know to check them out.  There is also the "parent company" to consider.  Estee Lauder and L'Oreal own a lot of companies out there and the "parents" choose to sell in China (who requires animal testing).  Here I thought the hard part was choosing the right shade in bad lighting!

I didn't end up with anything from Sephora today, but I've got an Ulta coupon all cut out and waiting for me to forget so I'll be heading over there soon.  Maybe I'll bring a list!


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