Saturday, May 17, 2014

getting fit: bra edition

For a while I wore a very consistent 36C.  I could pretty much pick up any bra, in any style, from any brand and it fit like a glove (for my boobs).  Then as I got a bit older and a bit heavier and the ladies did too.  I found myself trying to make my 36C bras work, but they wouldn't cooperate.  I would spill over no matter what I did with the straps or the hooks...not a pretty sight and very uncomfortable too.

I went to Kohl's, they always have a sale on something.  I looked around, but it appears that the cute and pretty designs stop at 36C.  I went up to a 38C, found a few that worked and went about my life.  Weeks and months passed, and I spent my days adjusting my bra.

My best friend told me that she went to a boutique and got fitted.  So simple, but seems so awkward...turns out it's not. I visited a shop in Glendora called Undercovers, a very knowledgeable woman measured me and brought over options.  She's had years of experience and know her stuff.   I was actually very comfortable the whole time...and walked out with two new (and amazingly comfortable) bras. 

While I was paying for the purchase she went over with me the importance of hand washing bras (and apparently any items with Lycra). She gave me a sample of Forever New Fabric Care Wash and told me how to go about the hand wash process.  Basically you fill a sink/basin with water and add your soap, swirl your bras around then let soak for five minutes, hang up to dry.  Haven't actually done it...we'll see.

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