Friday, January 9, 2015

Coming up roses in the new year

My year is off to a good start...and hope yours is as well.  I tend to go into a bit of a hibernation during the holidays, they just aren't my thing.  

As of the first though, I crawled out of my little cave and back into the world at large.  I started off my year by watching the Rose Parade - this is something I actually really look forward to year every year.  This year I went the extra step and went to see the float close up after the parade.  It is amazing how much detail goes into them.  If you're in Pasadena to check them out, I highly suggest know, next year.

Also, I took a hike! Only a couple of miles - but I got off the couch and that is something.  

So with out calling it a resolution so much as an aim I'm going to try to say "yes" more.  Yes, to more activities, adventures and experiences.  

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